Singing Group

The Raw Talent Youth Theatre Singing group is a fun and exciting way for members to enhance their vocal skills and improve their performance technique as part of a group.

From mash-ups to musicals, from parodies to pop, rock and everything in between, the singing group learn a wide variety of thoroughly entertaining songs. The group are a tight unit that work together to produce harmonies that seriously impress.

Phil and Sami ( and Claire / Stu) - you have made such a difference to Jamie’s life. Before he started Raw Talent, he struggled with his confidence in speaking out loud and we never dreamed that he would stand up on a stage and perform. Yet - 6 years later , he shows no fear in getting up on stage and had the amazing opportunity to act in a major film !!! Raw talent is a big part of his life as it is ours - Caroline Wall Raw Talent Parent

We’re always welcoming new members so if you’d like to join, please get in touch.