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Founded by professional screen writers Claire Downes and Stuart Lane, who wanted to create a youth theatre in which every member gets a chance to shine. From the very first show in 1996 to the present day, scripts are specifically written for the cast so everyone has an important role to play in a Raw Talent show.

Raw Talent prides itself on original work devised by members of the drama group and then scripted by professional writers. Raw Talent is all about creating original high quality work in a fun filled environment.

"This isn't about creating the next superstar, although you never know! It's about seeing the courage each child has built to stand up in front of an audience and give it their best. As a parent, seeing your child filled with that confidence, sense of pride and accomplishment is priceless!." - Claire Caudry, Parent

Raw Talent Youth Theatre, Clifton Road Youth Centre, Clifton Road, Sutton Coldfield, B73 6EB.

Administrative office Unit 8, 14- 20 George Street, Balsall Heath, Birmingham B12 9RG

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With groups for young people aged 6 - 16 Raw Talent will definitely have something to offer your young stars. Raw Talent terms last 12 weeks (except for half terms and school holidays) and the groups meet on:

The members of the 6 - 11 group get loads of input into ideas for the show, characters and how big or small a part they want to play. The group works with Phil and Sami to create full length, hilarious original comedy productions.

The 11 - 16 year olds, apart from creating original comedy productions, take part in festivals, competitions and auditions.

Thank you so much for everything you guys have done for me over the last 8 years or so. The skills you've taught me, like presenting to an audience, thinking on my feet, even the technical stuff with the lights and set design stuff have been instrumental in my successes. But even more than that, you guys taught me how to have confidence in myself, to not be afraid to make mistakes and to be a better all round person. You guys have always supported me and believed in me, and I can never thank you enough. I'm starting to achieve my dreams out here, and that fact can largely be attributed to you guys. So thank you so much. Hopefully see you all at a show in the near future. - Adam Ratcliffe Raw Talent member

The 11 to 16 year olds come up with their own ideas for shows, create characters and work to produce something no other youth theatre can achieve.

Members of the 11 - 16 group also get the opportunity to join the Raw Talent singing group.

The Raw Talent Youth Theatre Singing group is a fun and exciting way for members to enhance their vocal skills and improve their performance technique as part of a group.

Phil and Sami ( and Claire / Stu) - you have made such a difference to Jamie’s life. Before he started Raw Talent, he struggled with his confidence in speaking out loud and we never dreamed that he would stand up on a stage and perform. Yet - 6 years later , he shows no fear in getting up on stage and had the amazing opportunity to act in a major film !!! Raw talent is a big part of his life as it is ours - Caroline Wall Raw Talent Parent

Our Christmas show Raw Talent’s ‘Panto That Doesn’t Go Quite Right’ will be performed at Clifton Road in just a few weeks so we’d thought we’d whet your appetite with a few photos until the big day.

The 11-16 group practicing the for the show. Wanna see more??? Come and see the show on the 21st of July #RawTalent #SingingGroup #Practise #Prep #InstaDaily #TweetingDaily t.co/6DBQTyeRcK
The 11-16 group practising for the show. Wanna see more??? Come and see the show on the 21st of July #RawTalent #SingingGroup #Practise #Prep #InstaDaily #TweetingDaily t.co/6DBQTyeRcK twitter.com/i/status/1007334791564480513

As I’m sure you are all aware 2018 has already been a very busy time for everyone at Raw Talent. We have already had two amazing improv nights with both our 6-11 and 11-16 group giving them the chance to show off their skill and we also reach the semi finals of the All England Theatre Festival.

But now both Raw Talent groups are getting ready to perform their very own original comedy performance. Each idea was the creation of the group and was then taken away and scripted by Phil Hyde and Sami Cornick (Award winning original comedy writers).

“Bex Factor” the story of young trillionaire who struggles to make friends will be performed by the 6-11 group.

Where as the 11-16 group will be serving time at Hawthorns Educational Leisure Lodge. A residential for pupils which is not as squeaky clean as it seems.

Both of these shows are being rehearsed at the moment ready to be performed at the end of term in July.

For more updates watch this space!!!

After what many would say was the performance of the evening and although they were unsuccessful in going any further in the competition Raw Talent were presented with the Adjudicators Award for most Entertaining production.

After eight months of Raw Talent working on the script Planet of the Capes the group went out on a high after giving the audience an incredibly skilled and hysterical performance which led to the group picking up the award.

The group have shown great commitment to the festival and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Raw Talent would not have been able to perform to the standard that they did without the ongoing support of all the parents who have been generous with their time, energy and enthusiasm.

We would also like to thank The Hive for generously donating rehearsal so Raw Talent were fully prepared for the evening at the The Swan Theatre.

Long live Raw Talent!

The adjudicator mentioned the word "community" last night and he's right - kids and families all joined together caught up in this amazing crazy "family" you've created. Long may it continue - Judy Gardener Raw Talent Parent

Tickets are on sale now but can only be booked either online at Worcester Live - Home to The Swan Theatre and Huntingdon Hall, Worcestershire or by phone 01905 61142. You can also book via the link below.

That means we go to the semi finals of the competition at The Swan Theatre, Worcester.

Congratulations to all the other companies that took part and a massive thank you to everyone at The Market Theatre Ledbury for all your help and support. News and social media

Our sister company Round Midnight Ltd will be running a drama and singing course over the easter holidays. The dates are Tuesday 3rd - Friday 6th April. Sessions last all day with a performance on Friday evening showcasing everything they have done, including drama, songs and video.

The cost is a parent friendly £80 per child. Ages 7 -16

For more details visit Round Midnight Ltd

Raw Talent won in 4 catagories at last nights Birmingham’s Festival of Acting & Musical Entertainment 2018 (BFAME).

  • Outstanding Achievement
  • Best Script
  • Best technical achievement
  • The Arts England Theatre Festival Award

The Arts Theatre festival award means that we are through to the Quarter finals of the All England Theatre Festival 2018.

We are hugely thrilled and proud of all 32 raw Talent members who took part and would like to thank Highbury Theatre Centre for their help and support.

The aliens and the cosplayers face off at Comic-con. Final few rehearsals for Planet of the Capes at #bfame

A new term at @RawTalentYT and session number 1 means games and improvisation techniques. #youththeatre #comedy #birminghamarts
Raw Talent have provided excellent opportunities for my 3 children and endless hours of fun filled entertainment for all the family. I am proud to be associated with the team! - Andrew Lomas
This great group are such a happy bunch of kids, funny, committed and really focused on stage. They are a joy to watch performing! - Robert and Helen Evans
Great shows especially when they introduced the singing groups. Gives the children involved a fabulous experience of the arts and using their imagination. They also have exposure to external work in the industry. - Claire Holloway
I recommend! As a shy young kid this youth group was perfect for me. Raw talent lets you be yourself while developing social and theatrical skills. I am now at the number 1 university for studying drama, and I owe it to them 😁 - Romy Whai
This is a fantastic Drama club for all kids- younger ones and teenagers! Through fun Drama activities and performances, the children's self confidence and ability to act zooms! Totally inclusive and my kids love it! The team are fabulous at getting the best out of each and every child.👊Raw Talent rocks! - Jude Banner Eilbeck
Raw Talent inspire children to become more confident in themselves AND when on stage and performing. No child is favoured over others, each child is heard and valued equally. They nurture their members by having fun when acting. Great bunch of people. - Kate Mchugo
Raw Talent is brilliant! Both my kids have been going for years and they love it. The shows are great, every child gets a part and they are so funny. It's a brilliant place for kids to build their confidence and have fun on stage. I highly recommend it. - Claire Downes
They're "Simply The Best"! Is just one of the many popular-culture references that your child might say during a Raw Talent performance. Sometimes in life we are lucky enough to have but a few milestones that propel us both personally and professionally. Being in Raw Talent was one of mine. Words genuinely can not express how much being apart of this family means to me. Some of the best times of my life have been spent with these amazing people. The founders, Claire Downes and Stuart Lane are two exceptional human beings, that offer an incomparable experience for young people looking not only be involved with the arts but simply to be a part of something special. So please don't even consider the rest. Go with the best. Be a part of the Raw Talent Family. - Rasmus Hardiker
Raw Talent is honestly one of the best youth theatres I have been too. It helped me develop my confidence so much as well as helping me to develop the skills I need to be part of the performing arts industry. They welcome anyone within the age range and it really felt like another family to me as everyone was so nice but also very professional. Everyone is treated equally and if it wasn’t for Raw Talent I wouldn’t be were I am now- at a performing arts college being part of shows and participating in events such as the skills show and screamfest. I have really broken out of my shell as I felt accepted at Raw Talent and I now can put myself out there on stage as well as feel confident in my acting abilities when applying for auditions. It’s a very good price and the instructors are just so nice and incredible with maintaining that professionalism. All of the shows that they put on are just amazing and everything including the casting for the shows is all fair. You will defiantly make friends and your skills as a person and a performer will defiantly develop. It’s great fun and defiantly deserves more credit :) - Hannah

If you know any 6 to 11 year olds that love to perform, want to make new friends and have a right old laugh, sign them up to Raw Talent today! No previous experience necessary, no auditions required, just comedy acting and lots of fun. Sessions run every Tuesday,4.30-6pm with the term ending in a big comedy performance for family and friends. All of this for the parent friendly price of £90 per term!

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